Sound Production

A reliable, time-proven partnership

Our exclusive partnership with Mart Sound Production, a leading studio based in Kyiv, Ukraine, allows us to offer competitively priced, high quality, headache-free services to customers in Canada and the US.

A truly turnkey experience.

We are the single stop you need to make in your sound production journey. A local, Toronto-based representative will be by your side all along, helping you achieve what you've envisioned.

Engage locally

We offer audio and video adaptation for your product and service ads to help you reach European audiences.

19 Musical Production

Audio clip production

Release content that stands out, highlights your product, and most importantly - sells.

Voice-over and dubbing

Voice-over is the process of recording the soundtrack for a video product in the absence of synchronous shooting.

Sound production

Work with a talented sound producer with a holistic approach to your music and sound production needs.


Mixing is the process of creating a single composition from separate components.


Mastering is the final stage of work on the track, implying the elimination of minor problems that occurred at previous stages.

IVR recording

IVR recording - record a voice greeting on an answering machine, or an interactive voice menu.

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