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Artem Chaplynsky

An experienced project manager and management consultant with an analytical, problem-solving mindset, good business acumen, political sense, executive presence, and the ability to communicate complex ideas in a compelling, impactful way to a diverse group of people.

Bringing Project Management skills with a strong team leadership record, proven by the successful delivery of multiple business-critical projects on time and within budget.

Values multi-faceted experience in individuals and worked to gain experience in a variety of industries, including Public Administration (Federal, Provincial, and Municipal), IT, Marketing, Political Campaign Management, and Retail.

On top of being a consultant, Artem is an entrepreneur.

He launched a successful online retail company based in Toronto.

Since its founding, it grew from just selling on Amazon.ca to selling on Amazon.com, and to managing its own distribution channels in Canada and the US. In a matter of months, it began offering over 30 different products and their variations, continuously increasing its product portfolio.

Furthermore, Artem negotiated exclusive distribution agreements with a number of manufacturers, among which are producers of innovative smart devices, allowing the company to act as a wholesale distributor Canada-wide.

A truly turnkey experience.

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